Patty Cook, Marketing, Customer Engagement and Brand Advocacy Consultant for the healthcare industry
Managed Barbara at Baylor Scott & White Health

“I had the pleasure of working with Barbara for several years at BSWH. She is among the most talented, creative producers around. Her knowledge of the production process is extraordinary, producing a well-told story from beginning to end. Barbara understands how to meet objectives within budget and provide options to achieve the desired outcomes. She is highly respected for her hands-on style, working closely with graphics designers, photographers and others to produce quality work. She is also a master of juggling multiple projects simultaneously and flawlessly. Barbara took direction well, without an ego, and always offered valuable insights and rationale for her recommendations. In short, she's among the best in the business and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.”

Horacio Cobos, Creative Director – RevelUnited
Worked with Barbara as a client at Baylor Scott & White Health and as a vendor at N2O Editorial

“I have worked with Barbara both as a client, when she produced at N2O, Fast Cuts and Lucky Post (for many years); and later as her vendor when she moved to BSWH’s Creative Services. In all those years I can’t ever remember a time when she wasn’t completely organized, efficient and in control of the project. All of that delivered with a bright sweet smile.”

Julie Koellner, Executive Producer - Fast Cuts; Voice Over Artist - Kim Dawson Agency
Worked with Barbara at Fast Cuts

“When it comes to organized and buttoned-up producers, Barbara Sanders is at the top of the list. Her vast range of experience, from advertising agency to creative/technical is a huge benefit when Barbara manages a project. She understands the big picture, including the needs of her clients and of the company she works for, and helps make things run smoothly and on budget. I would highly recommend Barbara and know that she would be a huge asset to any organization.”

Scott Hanson, Editor - N2O Editorial
Worked with Barbara at N2O Editorial

“I've worked with Barbara for several years, both as a client when she produced on the agency side and as a colleague when she produced at N2O Editorial. Barbara is by far one of the most consistently reliable people I have worked with in either capacity.

In a business world where many people volley emails back and forth, pushing an issue off their plate onto someone else's, Barbara will eagerly take on the responsibility, with full attention to all the details.

All the details.

She is organized, reliable, cheerful in all circumstances, and understands the sense of urgency appropriate to the job and task at hand. Knowing Barbara is involved in a project tells me that I don't have to worry about something falling through a crack and getting missed. And that level of trust is something no one can take lightly. There's always something more at stake (a company's professional reputation, the clients relationships, etc.) than just the dub request, or the schedule, or the bid and she understands that and treats the work and the people with the respect they both deserve.

I would also recommend Barbra for any role in an organization, even if it's not in her history. She's smart and a fast willing learner. I've seen her step in to fill a need whether it be designing a graphic, an animation, troubleshooting tech issues, editing, or managing a client. All of that willingness and experience qualifies her for consideration for large opportunities. I look forward to seeing her further success.”

Anne Watkins, Broadcast Manager - The Richards Group
Worked with Barbara at The Richards Group

“I would recommend working with Barbara for any Post or Agency Producer needs. Barbara worked at TRG for a few years as an Agency Producer with a flawless record before joining the N2O/Lucky Post team as a Post Producer. I have worked with Barbara on more than 100 post production projects over the last six (6) years, none of which had a bad outcome or unfavorable experience through the process. Barbara is very consistent. She has always paid the utmost attention to detail, is very knowledgeable (and a quick learner), is a capable problem solver, and has excellent communication skills. Barbara would be a great asset to any company, or team, looking to improve or further their business.”

Marc Hoffmeister, Editor -
Worked with Barbara at N2O Editorial

 “Barbara is easily one of the best producers I've ever worked with, and frankly one of the sharpest people in this business. Her attitude, energy and attention to detail, combined with her extensive knowledge & experience in all areas of postproduction make her a valuable asset to any project or team.”

Kevin Reid, The Richards Group - Art Director
Worked with Barbara at The Richards Group

“I really enjoyed working with Barbara at The Richards Group. She was always well prepared, detail-oriented, and super easy to work with. I really appreciated how calm under pressure she was. She always managed to get the projects with crazy deadlines out the door on time. She is a very capable Producer and always a pleasure to work with.”

Joe Macre, Post Op Editorial - Audio Engineer/Composer
Worked with Barbara at The Richards Group

“Barbara Sanders was one of my favorite Producers to work with. Barbara is a true Professional. Her work ethic and communication skills made every post session a joy. I highly recommend Barbara as a dedicated Professional and a quality person.”

Tolbert Pitman, Video Editor - Temerlin McClain
Managed Barbara at Temerlin McClain Advertising

“Barbara has a great eye for detail on projects and brings an enthusiastic attitude and great sense of humor while handling the task at hand in a professional manner. She works well with seasoned producers and creatives. Great attitude and hard worker to the core. I highly recommend Barbara.”